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We are available as below:

9am - 7pm Weekdays and 10am - 1pm Saturdays. Closed - Sundays

If you have a new enquiry, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please call or leave a message on 01769 540022 or contact us .

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John Mclaughlin-Mills

Managing Director & Project Manager

John manages all the projects under development and has over 30 years’ project management experience, which makes him well placed to co-ordinate many different types and sizes of project. Really Different now have clients all over the world and John deals with all the development processes ensuring the smooth delivery of each project –  on time and within budget.

Additional talents
Archaeology • Fine Art • Ceramics • Theatre and Film

Writes songs • Plays guitar • Sings

Tunnock’s Caramels • David Bowie • Working

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