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Social Media Marketing for your business

Running Social Media can be so time consuming and thinking up effective and engaging posts is not for everyone. That’s where we come in.

We offer a range of simple Social Media Marketing plans – making life easier.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the social media and deciding which social media channel  is the first step. Not every business suits every platform… some may certainly be more effective for you than others depending on your business type. There is so much to choose from too: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram have become an integral and essential part of many business digital marketing strategies.

So why bother?

Social Media is great at creating and building your company brand – customers can be introduced to more layers of your business, they get to see your company’s personality. Building these relationships, in turn, brings customer loyalty.

It is also a fantastic way of driving traffic to your website, not only great for your web rankings, but gives the customer a chance to explore more about your offerings.

So how do Really Different help?

We are skilled in the dynamics of running Social Media Campaigns, but we have a superb design team who can blend strategic insight with compelling creativity for engaging posts – we create graphics, meme animations and video to really engage your audience and build on your brand.

We plan a strategy and post each week for you, monitoring engagement in addition to handling enquiries and comments from the posts. All you have to do is let us know what is happening with your business, any new offers or products, new services or news and we will bring them into the stories we create for you.

We keep things simple and easy

We offer a range of Social Media Marketing plans covering a number of different platforms. These vary according to your monthly budget and are flexible – so you can increase or decrease the level of Social Media we do for you as you need it.

The packages start at £125 + VAT per month. Affordable Social Media Management at its best.

Once we know the level of commitment and your monthly budget, we can tailor the packages to fit, making sure you don’t overspend, and do the very best for you.


You are on our basic package and have a big event coming up and need a bit more coverage.

No problem.

We can ‘up’ your level for just a month or two in advance to really push that event.

Social Media Marketing North Devon and beyond from Really Different Limited. Talk to us about our Social Media Management plans and how we can help your business. Call us on 01769 540022

Talk to us about how we can help your business
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